Dalmas, John
- The Lizard War series
  o The Lizard War (1989)
  o The Helverti Invasion(2004)

- The Regiment series
  o The Regiment (1987)
  o The White Regiment (1990)
  o The Kalif's War (1991)
  o The Regiment's War (1993)
  o The Three-Cornered War (1999)
  o The Regiment: A Trilogy (2004)
    Omnibus of The Regiment, The White Regiment
     and The Regiment's War.

- Soldiers (2001)

Dalzelle, Joshua
- Black Fleet Trilogy
  o Warship (2015)
  o Call to Arms (2015)
  o Counterstrike (2015)

Debenham, Kindal
- Wolfhound (December 2011)

Dembski-Bowden, Aaron
- Grey Knights
  o The Emperor's Gift

Denning, Troy
- Combat Command
  o The Omega Rebellion: In the World of Keith Laumer's Star Colony (1987)
  o Dorsai's Command: In the World of Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai (1989)
   with Gordon R. Dickson and Cory Glaberson

- Star Wars
  o Tatooine Ghost (2003)

- Star Wars: Dark Nest
  o The Joiner King (2005)
  o The Unseen Queen (2005)
  o The Swarm War (2005)

  o Dark Nest (2006)

- Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi
  o Abyss (2009)
  o Vortex (2010)
  o Apocalypse (2012)

- Star Wars: Legacy of the Force
  o Tempest (November 2006)
  o Inferno (2007)
  o Invincible (2008)

- Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
  o Star by Star (2001)

Dickson, Gordon R.
- Childe Cycle
  o Dorsai (1959)
  o Necromancer (1962)
  o Soldier, Ask Not (1967)
  o Tactics of Mistake (1971)
  o Three to Dorsai! (1973)
    Contains Necromancer, Tactics of Mistake, & Dorsai!
  o The Final Encyclopedia (1984)
  o The Chantry Guild (1988)
  o The Spirit of Dorsai (1993)
  o Lost Dorsai(1993)
  o Dorsai Spirit (2003) - Contains Dorsai! and Spirit of Dorsai

Dietz, William C.
- Legion series
  o Legion Of the Damned
  o The Final Battle
  o By Blood Alone
  o By Force of Arms
  o For More Than Glory
  o For Those Who Fell
  o When All Seems Lost
  o When Duty Calls

- Halo Novels
  o The Flood

Dorsey, Brian
- Gateway series
  o Gateway (2014)
  o Saint (Fall 2015)

Douglas, Ian (See Keith, William H., Jr)

Drake, David
- Hammer's Slammers series
  o Hammer's Slammers (1979)
  o At Any Price (1985)
  o Counting The Cost (1987)
  o Rolling Hot (1989)
  o The Warrior (1991)
  o The Sharp End (1993)
  o Paying The Piper (2002)

The contents of the first five books of the main series were repackaged and republished, with some additional stories. Drake has said that this is his preferred order and edition.
  o Tank Lords (1997)
  o Caught In The Crossfire (1998)
  o Butcher's Bill (1998)

- The Complete Hammer's Slammers
  o The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Volume I
  o The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Volume II
  o The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Vol. III

- RCN Series
  o With the Lightnings (1998)
  o Lt Leary, Commanding (2000)
  o The Far Side of the Stars(2003)
  o The Way to Glory (2005)
  o Some Golden Harbor (2006)
  o When the Tide Rises (2008)
  o In the Stormy Red Sky (2009)
  o What Distant Deeps (2010)

- The Fleet Series (with Bill Fawcett)
  o The Fleet (1988)
  o Counterattack (1988)
  o Breakthrough (1989)
  o Sworn Allies (1990)
  o Total War (1990)
  o The Crisis (1991)

- Patriots

- Edited by David Drake
  o Dogs of War: Ten Classic Stories of Men and Machines in War (2002)

Dusty, William
- Stellar Conflict series
  o Friends and Enemies (2015)
  o The Quiet World (2015)
  o Predator in Our Midst(2015)
  o The Girl with the Strange Green Eyes (2015)
  o Sebastian's Prize (2015)