Warhammer 40K Novels:

- Bastion Wars, The
  o Emperor's Mercy (August 2009)
  o Flesh and Iron (April 2010)
  o Blood Gorgons (January 2011)

- Black Templars
  o Crusade for Armageddon (July 2003)
  o Conquest of Armageddon (December 2005)

- Blood Angels, The
  o Deus Encarmine (December 2004)
  o Deus Sanguinius (April 2005)
  o Red Fury (September 2008)
  o Black Tide (February 2010)
  o Bloodline (September 2010)
  o Heart of Rage (July 2009) (Audi  o Only)
  o Blood Debt (short story)

- Blood Gorgons, The
  o Blood Gorgons (March 2011)

- Blood Ravens: Dawn of War
  o Dawn of War (November 2004)
  o Dawn of War: Ascension (November 2005)
  o Dawn of War: Tempest (September 2006)
  o Dawn of War 2 (February 2009)
  o Dawn of War 2: Retribution (March 2011)
  o The Trials of Isador (short story)

- Ciaphas Cain
  o For the Emperor (November 2003)
  o Caves of Ice (January 2004)
  o The Traitor's Hand (May 2005)
  o Death or Glory (February 2006)
  o Duty Calls (May 2007)
  o Cain's Last Stand (November 2008)
  o The Emperor's Finest (December 2010)
  o Dead in the Water (June 2011) (Audi  o Only)
  o Fight or Flight (short story)
  o Echoes of the Tomb (short story)
  o The Beguiling (short story)
  o Traitor's Gambit (short story)

- Dark Heresy
  o Scourge The Heretic (2007)
  o Innocence Proves Nothing (November 2009)

- Deathwatch
  o Warrior Brood (September 2005)
  o Warrior Coven (May 2006)

- Eisenhorn
  o Xenos (May 2001)
  o Malleus (December 2001)
  o Hereticus (January 2002)
  o Missing in Action (short story)
  o Backloth For A Crown Additional (short story)

- Enforcer: Shira Calpurnia
  o Crossfire (June 2003)
  o Legacy (July 2004)
  o Blind (July 2006)

- Gaunt's Ghost Series
  o The Founding (omnibus)
   - First and Only
   - Ghostmaker
   - Necropolis
  o The Saint (omnibus)
   - Honour Guard
   - The Guns of Tanith
   - Straight Silver
   - Sabbat Martyr
  o The Lost (omnibus)
   - Traitor General
   - His Last Command
   - The Armour of Contempt
   - Only in Death
   - The Iron Star
  o The Victory
   - Blood Pact
   - Salvation's Reach

- The Founding Series
  o First and Only (August 1999)
  o Ghostmaker (May 2000)
  o Necropolis (November 2000)
  o In Rememberance (short story)

- The Saint Series
  o Honour Guard (August 2001)
  o The Guns of Tanith (April 2002)
  o Straight Silver (November 2002)
  o Sabbat Martyr (August 2003)

- The Lost Series
  o Traitor General (September 2004)
  o His Last Command (October 2005)
  o The Armour of Contempt (November 2006)
  o Only in Death (November 2007)

- The Victory Series
  o Iron Star (novella) (September 2008)
  o Blood Pact (November 2009)
  o Salvation Reach (2011)

- Spin-Off works
  o The Sabbat Worlds Crusade (October 2005)
  o Titanicus (October 2008)
  o Sabbat Worlds Anthology (September 2010)

- Phantine Air Corps Series
  o Double Eagle (June 2004)
  o Interceptor City

- Gothic War, The
  o Execution Hour (June 2001)
  o Shadowpoint (March 2003)

- Grey Knights, The
  o Grey Knights (May 2004)
  o Dark Adeptus (January 2006)
  o Hammer of Daemons (February 2008)

- Horus Heresy
  o Horus Rising (April 2006)
  o False Gods (June 2006)
  o Galaxy in Flames (October 2006)
  o Flight of the Eisenstein (March 2007)
  o Fulgrim (July 2007)
  o Descent of Angels (October 2007)
  o Legion (March 2008)
  o Battle for the Abyss (August 2008)
  o Mechanicum (December 2008)
  o Tales of Heresy (April 2009)
  o Fallen Angels (July 2009)
  o A Thousand Sons (March 2010)
  o Nemesis (August 2010)
  o The First Heretic (November 2010)
  o Prosper  o Burns (January 2011)
  o Age of Darkness (May 2011)
  o The Dark King and Lighning Tower (June 2008) (2 short stories)
  o Raven's Flight (February 2010) (Audi  o Only)
  o Garro: Oath of the Moment (December 2010) (Audi  o Only)
  o Garro: Legion of One (April 2011) (Audi  o Only)

- Imperial Guard
  o Fifteen Hours (June 2005)
  o Death World (December 2006)
  o Rebel Winter (July 2007)
  o Desert Raiders (December 2007)
  o Ice Guard (January 2009)
  o Gunheads (May 2009)
  o Cadian Blood (October 2009)
  o Redemption Corps (May 2010)
  o Dead Men Walking (December 2010)
  o Waiting Death (April 2010) (Audi  o Only)
  o Knee Deep (short story)

- Inquisition War, The
  o Drac  o (August 2002)
  o Harlequin (October 2002)
  o Chaos Child (December 2002)
  o The Alien Beast Within (short story)
  o Warped Stars (short story)

- Last Chancers, The
  o Thirteenth Legion (December 2000)
  o Kill Team (October 2001)
  o Annihilation Squad (March 2004)
  o Deliverance (short story)
  o Liberty (short story)

- Necromunda
  o Status: Deadzone (August 2000)
  o Survival Instinct (May 2005)
  o Salvation (May 2005)
  o Blood Royal (July 2005)
  o Junktion (October 2005)
  o Fleshworks (February 2006)
  o Cardinal Crimson (May 2006)
  o Back from the Dead (August 2006)
  o Outlander (December 2006)
  o Lasgun Wedding (April 2007)

- Night Lords
  o Soul Hunter (March 2010)
  o Blood Reaver (May 2011)
  o Throne of Lies (August 2010) (Audi  o Only)

- Path of the Eldar
  o Path of the Warrior (July 2010)

- Ravenor
  o Ravenor (March 2005)
  o Ravenor Returned (June 2006)
  o Ravenor Rogue (January 2008)
  o Playing Patience (short story)
  o Thorn Wishes Talon (short story)

- Rogue Trader, The
  o Rogue Star (August 2006)
  o Star of Damocles (August 2007)

- Soul Drinkers, The
  o Soul Drinker (September 2002)
  o The Bleeding Chalice (December 2003)
  o Crimson Tears (February 2005)
  o Chapter War (April 2007)
  o Hellforged (April 2009)
  o Daenyathos (novella) (August 2010)

- Space Marine Battles Series, A
  o Rynn's World (February 2010)
  o Helsreach (May 2010)
  o Hunt For Volodorius, The September 2010)
  o Purging of Kadillus, The (February 2011)
  o Fall of Damnos, The (April 2011)

- Space Wolf, The
  o Space Wolf (December 1999)
  o Ragnar's Claw (July 2000)
  o Grey Hunter (February 2002)
  o Wolfblade (October 2003)
  o Sons of Fenris (January 2007)
  o Wolf's Honour (March 2008)
  o Thunder from Fenris (December 2009 ) (Audi  o Only)

- Tome of Fire
  o Salamander (September 2009)
  o Firedrake (November 2010)
  o Fireborn (June 2010) (Audi  o Only)

- Ultramarines, The
  o Nightbringer (January 2002)
  o Warriors of Ultramar (March 2003)
  o Dead Sky Black Sun (October 2004)
  o The Killing Ground (June 2008)
  o The Defenders of Ultramar (April 2009)
  o Courage and Honour (June 2009)
  o The Chapter's Due (June 2011)
  o Chains of Command (short story)
  o Storm of Iron (May 2008)
(note: the stand alone novel "Storm of Iron" contains events and characters which feature in the books from "Dead Sky, Black Sun" onwards. It's advisable to read it after reading "Warriors of Ultramar" and then continue with the main Ultramarines series)

- White Scars
  o Savage Scars (March 2011)

- Word Bearers
  o Dark Apostle (September 2007)
  o Dark Disciple (December 2008)
  o Dark Creed (January 2010)

- Stand alone novels
  o Angels of Darkness (February 2003)
  o Assault on Black Reach: The Novel (September 2008)
  o Brothers of the Snake (May 2008)
  o Daemon World (April 2003)
  o Eldar Prophecy (February 2007)
  o Eye of Terror (Nov. 1999) By Barrington J. Bayley
  o Faith and Fire (March 2006)
  o Farseer (May 2002)
  o Fire Warrior (September 2003)
  o Iron Hands (August 2004)
  o Lord of the Night (January 2005)
  o Pawns of Chaos (Apr 2001) By Brian Craig
  o Relentless (April 2008)
  o Sons of Dorn (January 2010)
  o Space Hulk: The Novel (September 2009)
  o Space Marine (1993)
  o Shadow Knight & The Dark Path (2 short stories)
  o The Madness Within (August 2011) (Audiobook Only)

- Anthologies
  o Book of Blood, The (April 2010)
  o Bringers of Death (August 2005)
  o Crucible of War (May 2003)
  o Dark Imperium (January 2001)
  o Deathwing (Nov 2001) Edited by David Pringle.
  o Fear The Alien (September 2010)
  o Heroes of the Space Marines (May 2009)
  o Into the Maelstrom (Sep 1999) Edited by Marc Gascoigne/Andy Jones
  o Legends of the Space Marines (May 2010)
  o Let The Galaxy Burn (April 2006)
  o Planetkill (July 2008)
  o Tales from the Dark Millennium (October 2006)
  o Victories of the Space Marines (April 2011)
  o What Price Victory (April 2004)
  o Words of Blood (July 2002)