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Jun 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – June 2013

Military Science Fiction books releasing in June 2013

Jan 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – January 2013

Military Science Fiction books releasing in January 2013

Nov 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – November 2012

Military Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction books releases during November 2012 Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance By Lois McMaster Bujold (Releases November 6) The Imperial Infantryman’s Handbook By Matt Ralphs & Graham McNeill (November 27) Mass Effect Volume 4: Homeworlds By multiple authors (Releases on November 27) StarCraft II: Flashpoint By Christie Golden (Releases November 6) Star …

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Oct 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – October 2012

This is a list of MilSciFi/MilSpecFic books that are releasing in October. If you have a book releasing or know of one that isn’t in this list then please leave a comment. Thanks. Halo: Fall of Reach By Brian Reed (Releases on October 17, 2012) HALO: The Thursday War By Karin Traviss (Releases on October …

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Sep 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – September 2012

Day One (Sol War 1) By John Forseberg (Releases on September 10) Halo: Glasslands By Karen Traviss (Releases on September 25) The Heart of Matter: Odyssey One by Evan Currie (Releases on September 25) Helix Wars By Eric Brown (Releases on September 25) Infinity Squad By Shuvom Ghose (Releases on September 20) The Last Legion: …

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Aug 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – August 2012

Alarm of War By Kennedy Hudner (Releases on August 18, 2012) Glory Main: A Story of the Sim War (The Sim War Series) by Henry V. O’Neil (Releases on August 17, 2012) Hard Duty (Merkiaari Wars #1) By Mark E. Cooper (Release on August 11, 2012) Marines (Crimson Worlds) By Jay Allan (Releases August 19, …

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