Aug 30

Watercooler Review – Armada by Ernest Cline

armada-ernest cline

Ernest Cline’s sophomore effort seems to target a certain demographic, a trait it has in common with his first novel, and I feel lucky to be part of that group. This book is full of period references and jokes, and if you were a geek and attended high school in the 80’s then you get them all.
This book appealed to me basically because it panders to that teenage male (geek) fantasy (or at least the one that doesn’t involve female anatomy) that video games skills would translate into something heroic. The main character saves the world and gets the girl, something we have all dreamed of (admit it) Ernest speaks to a generation when he gives voice to this part of us.
Is this book art? Probably not. Is it literature? Good luck debating that. Is the book good? If you are part of the target dempgraphic then yes. If not, then maybe. But if you like science fiction, video games and the 80s, then you should read this book.
The audio version is narrated by Wil Wheaton, who does an amazing job with the story and draws you in the the listening experience. I’d pretty much listen to anything Wil narrates but putting him together with Ernest Cline’s vision is something that borders on wonderful. I heartily recommend the audio version of this book.
Review by Scott Rose

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