Mar 05

Black Tide Rising Book Series by John Ringo

Zombies seem to be all the rage these days with movies and TV series reaching heights of popularity and bringing the genre into the mainstream. With that said the genre has reached a saturation point where the stories tend to blend together and originality is rare. The Black Tide Rising series follows a different take on the Zombie Apocalypse genre and for once the main characters are not running from the zombie hoards but taking the offensive.

The characters are unusual and interesting with the main “combat” character being a 13-year old girl with a natural talent for knives and considerable mental issues. I found the storyline to be interesting across the four books the resulted in a satisfying conclusion in book 4. The writing by John Ringo is excellent as we have come to expect from him and his descriptive style makes visualizing the scenes easy, not always a good thing considering the subject mater. I doubt I will ever take vacation on a cruise ship…. ever.

The audible recordings of this series were well produced, the voice talents of Tristan Morris are commendable and make for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

If you like zombies then this series is a must read/listen.

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