Oct 01

MilSciFi Book Releases – October 2012

This is a list of MilSciFi/MilSpecFic books that are releasing in October. If you have a book releasing or know of one that isn’t in this list then please leave a comment. Thanks.

Halo: Fall of Reach Kris Longknife: Furious Lost Stars Place of Dead Kings The Essential Reader's Companion: Star Wars Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars 2

Halo: Fall of Reach By Brian Reed (Releases on October 17, 2012)

HALO: The Thursday War By Karin Traviss (Releases on October 2, 2012)

Kris Longknife: Furious By Mike Shepherd (October 30, 2012)

Lost Stars By Jack Campbell (Releases on October 26, 2012)

The Essential Reader’s Companion: Star Wars
(Releases on October 2, 2012)

Place of Dead Kings By Geoffrey Wilson (Releases on October 11, 2012)

Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars 2 By John Ostrander (Releases on October 26, 2012)

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