Sep 27

Book Spotlight: Day One by John Forsberg

Day One Cover
Day One (Sol War 1)
By John Forsberg

September 15, 2241.

Near Mars, a traitorous admiral opens fire on a fleet he’d once led, and a Navy he’d once loved.

In Earth orbit, a drone pilot stands over the poisoned bodies of his co-workers, crying out in triumph as nine hijacked drones slam into their unsuspecting targets.

36,000 kilometers below, citizens in the mega-city of Atlanta Georgia look to the sky as a massive ship plummets from orbit, the dying remains of the largest deep space warship ever built… now the largest bomb ever conceived.

So begins “Day One,” the first book in a riveting, multi-book military sci-fi series that chronicles the Outer Colony’s war of independence against Earth.

From the history of the Outer Colonies to the riots on Ganymede and a secretive plot for war, “Day One” presents an in-depth account of mankind’s path leading to Sol War 1, as well as an unforgettable look at the events of the war’s horrific opening day from those who experienced it: from fleet admirals and intelligence agents to technicians, refinery workers, and those who not live to see the end of Day One.

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