Sep 20

Watercooler Review: Starship Troopers: Invasion

I just finished watching this and I have to say it is my favorite of the Starship Trooper movies, even the first one. One of the big problems I had with this series is that one of the main concepts from the book was powered armor, which was pretty much the foundation behind the mobile infantry concept. In my opinion the bugs were a secondary concept that were merely there to provide an antagonist for the MI. The movies flipped that and focused on the bugs, admittedly doing them pretty well. Invasion rectifies this and has the troopers in powered armor as well as mecha and the bugs are the same from the live action movies. I found myself forgetting that this was an animated movie and was drawn into the action for nearly the entire time. The weapons and ships kept an air of “realism” in their actions and the ship-to-ship battle sequences were excellent. For anybody into the Starship Trooper universe there is no question you should see this movie. I heartily recommend this title for anybody who is interested in Military Sci Fi and it’s not entirely necessary to have seen the other movies to enjoy this one. Warning, there is a bit of nudity shown, which admittedly is a little strange in an animated movie but is not really gratuitous or overly graphic. It’s no more explicit than the first movie.

All in all I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5

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