Apr 26

Free eBook of the Day: The Biofab War

The Biofab War
by Stephen Ames Berry

This is the first in a four book series originally written in the 80s and revised in 2011 and re-released in 2012. The first book is currently free on amazon (subject to change without notice, double check that it is free when you purchase it). I’ve downloaded it and put it on my reading list, look for a water cooler review in the near future.

From the Amazon description:

Earth’s been invaded, but nobody knows it. Invaded by biofabs—the Scotar—a diabolically crafted life form dedicated to turning mankind into either supper or shuffling brainwipes.

Cold and miserable on old Cape Cod, ex-CIA officer John Harrison and his lovely, handle-with-care Israeli partner Zahava stumble upon a Scotar nest. Going down before a wave of alien warriors, the pair is saved, flitted to the deck of the battle cruiser Implacable. But even with that ancient, mighty starship at its side, Earth’s survival hangs in the balance as Scotar reinforcements pour in and the fighting rages.

And then there are the mindslaves.

The other three books in the series are currently available as eBooks on Amazon for $2.99 each:

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