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Oct 25

Our future masters are born….

It looks like our future robot overlords are being constructed/born right now… or at least their ancestors In this video, the Pet-Proto, a predecessor to DARPA’s Atlas robot, is confronted with obstacles similar to those robots might face in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). To maneuver over and around the obstacles, the robot exercises capabilities …

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Sep 11

DARPA/Boeing DiscRotor

Looks interesting but I think with the amount of trouble the V-22 Osprey had in development I don’t see this concept having an easy time of it.

Jul 08

Book Spotlight: The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

StarWars: The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual (Haynes Manual) The Millennium Falcon is a legendary spaceship, made famous by its adventures under the command of smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca, who made numerous special modifications to transform the beat-up Corellian light freighter into one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. This Haynes Manual traces …

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Mar 27

Sand Flea – a Jumping robot by Boston Dynamics

Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. An onboard stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings. Current development …

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Mar 03

The future goes into storage

WRG Ref #:0001310

The YAL-1A Airborne Laser Test Bed aircraft flies over Rogers dry lake bed for its final low approach over Edwards Air Force Base, CA, before taking a ferry flight to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, Feb. 14, 2012. The ALTB will be processed into storage at the Air Force’s Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Arizona. (U.S. …

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Feb 28

Test firing if the U.S. Navy’s experimental railgun.

Test firing if the U.S. Navy’s experimental railgun. A test shot fires from the Office of Naval Research-funded Electromagnetic Railgun prototype launcher located at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. The test shots begin a month-long series of full-energy tests to evaluate the technology. This prototype, developed by BAE, is the first of two …

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Sep 13

TechTuesday: Coilguns

A coilgun is a type of projectile accelerator that consists of one or more coils used as electromagnets in the configuration of a synchronous linear motor which accelerate a magnetic projectile to high velocity. The name Gauss gun is sometimes used for such devices in reference to Carl Friedrich Gauss, who formulated mathematical descriptions of …

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Sep 06

TechTuesday: Adaptaive Camoflage

This video shows the ADAPTIV, an adaptive thermal signature management developed by BAE Systems in Sweden. The video shows clips form a recent test, demonstrating how the ‘invisibility cloak’ on the CV90 light tank turns the vehicle invisible, by blend into its surroundings. Other parts of the video show how the same system can be …

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Aug 30

TechTuesday: Pebble Bed Reactors

The pebble bed reactor (PBR) is a graphite-moderated, gas-cooled, nuclear reactor. It is a type of very high temperature reactor (VHTR), one of the six classes of nuclear reactors in the Generation IV initiative. Like other VHTR designs, the PBR uses TRISO fuel particles, which allows for high outlet temperatures and passive safety. The base …

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Aug 29

Amatoya: Futuristic Firefighting Vehicle

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see this little buggy converted to SpecOps use. Replace the water cannons with a minigun and a 2.75″ rocket pod and your good to go. Anybody else thinking Megaforce? Article  

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