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May 07

MechWarrior Tactics gameplay video

Now this is a game I can get behind. I used to be seriously into the board game version of Battletech and still own all the books and several hundred minatures. This looks like it captures the spirit of the old board game very well. I eagerly await the release of this game.

Mar 03

Miniatures gamer? You might want to check this out.

This is an interesting project on kickstarter. Star ship map for miniatures combat. This is definitely something I wish I had back in the day.

Aug 11

Battleship: the Movie… nope, I’m not kidding

It seems that someone thought it would be a good idea to turn a board game into a movie. I would have bet Candyland would have been their first choice but it seems Battleship was the one tapped for production (Real Steel is another game->Movie creation, google it). The trailer doesn’t look too bad though, …

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Feb 04

Ultramarines Movie

It looks like a company named Codex Pictures has made the first full-length Warhammer 40,000 movie. From the trailer it is obviously CGI animation but it does look interesting. I have ordered a copy and I will post a review soon after it arrives. Below is a blurb from the official Ultramarines movie site. ULTRAMARINES …

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