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Jun 23

Planetside2 Announcement Trailer

Here is nice trailer for Planetside2. You can’t get anymore Mil/SciFi than this game. Just like the original (which I played quite a bit) it’s going to have 3 factions fighting over persistent objectives.

May 07

MechWarrior Tactics gameplay video

Now this is a game I can get behind. I used to be seriously into the board game version of Battletech and still own all the books and several hundred minatures. This looks like it captures the spirit of the old board game very well. I eagerly await the release of this game.

May 02

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer

Now this definitely looks interesting, reminds me of the old Battlefield 2142 game.

Mar 06

Mass Effect 3: Fight (Live-Action TV Trailer)

Mass Effect 3: release today!

Mar 03

Miniatures gamer? You might want to check this out.

This is an interesting project on kickstarter. Star ship map for miniatures combat. This is definitely something I wish I had back in the day.

Mar 01

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Trailer

See the epic CG launch trailer for Mass Effect 3. The war to Take Earth Back begins on March 6, 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. If you Pre-order Mass Effect 3 Standard Edition for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and PC Download get a $10 promotional credit and more importantly you get …

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Sep 15

Gears of War 3 review by Escapist Magazine

I’m actually looking forward to this one after not being too impressed with the first one. Third person shooters aren’t my favorite but the multiplayer option of being the bad guys is sorta cool.

Sep 09

WTF Files: Metal Wolf Chaos

This was only released in Japan, yet voiced in English, haven’t figured out why. It’s a little over the top and has an arcade feel too it. Metal Wolf Chaos is a third-person shooter video game for the Microsoft Xbox that was released only in Japan. It was developed by From Software, who are responsible …

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Sep 05

Resistance 3 : Official Gamescom 2011 Trailer

[Source: VISO Games via YouTube]

Sep 04

Armored Core V : Official Gamescom 2011 Online Battle Gameplay Trailer

[Source: Viso Games via Youtube]

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