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Sep 28

Old School Vs. New School

I know I know. Having this video fall into the MilSciFi/MilSpecFic genre is a bit of a stretch… get over it 🙂 It’s pretty funny and quite well done. I definately want to go tooling around in one of the old school tanks! Souurce: freddiew via YouTube

Aug 27

Military Scifi and… hamsters?

If you told me that one day I would post a video like this on any of our sites I would have that you were stark raving bonkers…. but it IS Military SciFi themed… sorta… and it’s cute… sorta… Oh just watch it!

Jun 03

Every director makes a bomb once and awhile… but his go boom!

Feb 24

The SyFy Channel Hates Sci Fi, And It’s All Your Fault

Sharktopus. DinoCroc vs. Supergator. Chupacabra: Dark Seas. The channel formerly known as SciFi is telling you something. Are you listening? Here it is: “We don’t take this genre seriously, and neither should you.” Sure, we all enjoy a nice bit of schlock cinema now and again, but what happens when schlock stops being schlock and …

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